Further treatments

In addition to implantology, our practice puts great focus on periodontal surgery. Dr Gahlert and PD Dr Röhling also treat particularly severe forms of periodontitis. With the right means and with a great deal of care, they can be treated quite successfully. With small incisions and a lot of tactile sensitivity the gums are reflected so that the root surfaces can be cleaned and smoothed under visual control. In the end, there won’t be any accumulation of bacteria anymore and inflammatory processes will have ceased.

Further services in the field of oral surgery:

  • Wisdom tooth extraction
  • Surgical removal of sick, broken or dislocated teeth
  • Apicoectomy (root-tip resections)
  • Tooth exposure as part of orthodontic treatment
  • Gingival transplantation for stabilising implants
  • Splitting teeth in the case of periodontitis
  • Treatment of inflamed maxillary sinus
  • Minor tumour surgery
  • Treatment of traumatic tooth fractures
  • Treatment of scared patients

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