Would you like to smile again and bite with ease? Our dentists Dr Gahlert and PD Dr Röhling are experts in the field of dental implantology. They had the courage to push advancements forward. Together with well-known industry partners, both dentists developed modern ceramic implants that are superior to titanium implants in terms of function and aesthetics. The practice in the centre of Munich has become internationally renowned for its research and lecturing activities.

Innovative ceramic implants – the long-lasting alternative to titanium

Time and again ceramic implants are being labelled inferior to titanium implants. While this may have been true for first-generation ceramic implants, it isn’t for the latest ceramic implants, as they clearly outperform their predecessors. They have a higher tensile strength, are more aesthetic and more biocompatible as opposed to titanium, which is why we recommend ceramics in our Munich-based practice. We do, however, also insert titanium implants upon patient request.

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Titanium vs ceramic implants:

Titanium implants
ceramic implants

What makes ceramic implants unique:


According to research findings, ceramic implants are superior to titanium implants when it comes to tensile strength. There have been no reported fractures of any sort with thousands of ceramic implants, which the leading manufacturing company has been delivering since 2011. The survival rate of modern ceramic implants is at 97,5 per cent.

Low risk of inflammation

According to researchers, ceramic implants are less prone to plaque formation, compared with titanium implants. This is why they are particularly well suited for patients with periodontitis, who have already lost teeth due to bacteria accumulation.

No temperature sensitivity and a low environmental dental impact

Ceramic implants show a high attachment to the gingiva and are not sensitive to temperature. In addition, there are no known foreign body reactions such as inflammation or auto-immune diseases, as is the case with titanium. As opposed to titanium implants, ceramic implants do not react to electromagnetic vibrations of various electronic devices.


Tooth-coloured ceramic implants do not even shimmer through thin gingiva types. If bone augmentation is necessary, aesthetics is not compromised through visible implant margins, as is the case with titanium.

Can you see which tooth gap has been restored with an implant?

Zahnlücke mit Zahnersatz versorgt

Titanium implants: excellence in challenging cases

We do not exclusively use ceramic implants, but also titanium. We are happy to treat complex cases. Other practices often refer patients to us, whom they were unable to treat.

For many years we have been active as implantologists as well as trainers for dentists completing their Master’s degree in Oral Implantology. Our dental practice is very well equipped. For diagnostics we use a 3D CBCT system, which depicts anatomical structures in great detail. In addition, we only use premium implant systems. For surgical procedures we use fine instruments and gentle surgical techniques, which makes treatment results highly predictable. If requested, the treatment can be performed under twilight sleep making it the most comfortable form of treatment for patients.

All on 4 – fixed teeth within a day

„New fixed teeth within a day“ sounds unbelievable, and yet it is true in some cases. During a single operation all implants are being inserted, so that you are already able to chew carefully again that same evening.

First of all, an initial consultation is done. An honest patient education involving an individualised benefit-risk assessment is of vital importance to us, since we have dedicated ourselves to work ethics of the highest standard. Once you have been informed about every possible treatment modality and have decided to go ahead with the All-on-4 approach, we will schedule a date for surgery.

Bone augmentation – A specialty of ours

You would like to have implants inserted to be able to bite firmly again and yet you suffer from bone loss? In this case, long-term stable implant restorations are also possible through bone augmentation procedures. Bone augmentation has been a long-standing specialty of ours. We comply with the internationally accepted gold standard as we harvest autologous bone from the iliac crest which is then inserted in the jaw. For this precedure, we frequently collaborate with other experts.

Revision: We save your implant

Failed implant surgery does not leave you without fixed and aesthetic dentures. During a revision operation we often succeed in making the seemingly impossible possible. We remove loose implants and insert new ones. If crown margins are visible, we adjust the crowns so that nobody will be able to tell that there is a denture in the first place.

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